Mauricio Vidal

Industrial Engineer
Universidad de los Andes

Mauricio Vidal Astudillo

At this page you can find a brief description about my professional interests and experience. I'm open to exchange knowledge and experiences related to my fields of work, establishing new commercial relations and even becoming part of new projects.

My kind of job: Solving problems!

Solving problems is my passion for work. Whether it is related to provide a specific characteristic to a product, the way to produce it or its conception based on the customer's necessities, I enjoy researching, developing and applying technology to achieve it.

​In Colombia there is a growing interest in the latest industrial innovations. But it is equally common that machines and procedures - designed for different environments - require specific adaptations normally tied to restricted budgets. This leads to an extended exercise on creativity when I provide solutions.

My added values

I'm an entrepreneur. Being able to successfully run my own business has helped me to identify key considerations in our every day routine. And this is what I transmit to our customers, who always get a solution that is aligned to their strategic planning and, of course, economically viable.

Like in any business, accounting, taxation, regulations, certifications, intellectual property, marketing, customer service, human management, resources management, finance, planning, among many other topics are part of my daily routine as manager of my own businesses.

I love research. Building on collective knowledge is my approach to get things done. And as a professional in an Applied Science (I'm an Industrial Engineer) I follow a methodical approach when solving problems with special emphasis in discipline and constant actualization.

In real life we are faced to understand as much as possible about every solution.

This was the case when we provided our first solution for a Poultry Incubation Plant that required us to replace the complete control of the incubation machines for an entire plant. Starting from zero, we had to learn about the marvelous of giving birth to chick embryos inside machines. And we did it successfully: Our first solution in this area has been monitoring and controlling for several years the conditions for a population of 4 million embryos with complexities like keeping the temperature inside each machine in a tight operation range like 37.4 to 37.8 celsius degrees. And we did everything, from the electronic devices to the electric cabins and the supervising software.


I have the skills. Having been deeply involved with the development and implementation of our solutions, I have been exercising the real deals of every project. As a professional I rely on the four areas of an Industrial Engineer (Operations research and Statistics, Production and Logistics, Organization Management, and Economics and Finance), but also, I had to appropriate other disciplines.


I have been on the field when implementing every solution. Developing a control for a machine that counted, weighted and selected more that 6000 chicks per hour (2 per second) with a confidence over 95% of its results, required a complete understanding of the process and knowledge of every component in the solution.

My experience

After receiving my major as Industrial Engineer in 1999 from a very respected University in Latin America "Universidad de Los Andes" I have stablished 3 small companies in Colombia:

VIDAL & ASTUDILLO Ltda. Since 2004 I manage this company which provides solutions to diverse problems in sciences and the agriculture industry, particularly for the poultry producers. Electronics and software are the main basis of our solutions, on which I take an active role developing and procuring.

NEGOCIOS & GESTION Ltda. Since 2000, I'm in charge of implementing procedures and software for small companies with solutions raging from accounting to production of manufacturing plants. This includes solutions based in Radio Frequency Identification RFiD to manage inventories, dispatch systems ensuring accurate counting, weighting and identification. Information Technology tied Logistics are the core of my duties at N&G.​

INTECOL S.A. In 1999 I was in charge of fully developing a web commerce site. That included the design, programming and deployment of the store including its back-end to ensure a reliable logistics. Developing in new technologies (those days) and implementing logistics were the first roots in my job discipline. ​

Technical skills I have collected

Developing in diverse platforms is one of my daily activities, which have made me proficient in the following tools:

  • During 2011-2012 I was a National Instruments Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD). I have developed complete solutions which require user interface, data analysis, diverse protocols communications and high-end database integration. You might want to check about LabVIEW here.

  • I'm also proficient programming in languages like C, which I have used extensively in platforms like Texas Instruments Code ComposerPlatformIO and IAR Workbench to program diverse micro-controllers including TI MSP430 and Espressif ESP32.

  • I've used TensorFlow and GNU Octave as part of our current learning and development in Machine Learning

  • I have delivered complete solutions using PLCS and interfaces programmed in Siemens' Step 7 and RedLion's Crimson G3 terminals.

  • My early experience programming was self learned when developing solutions based in databases like MS Fox, MS Access, MS SQL, PostgresFilemakerCouchBase and Apache CouchDB Most of the complemented developing interfaces for the web based in php and related.

Also, developing electronic and electric products provided me experience with tools like KiCAD and EagleCAD to create printed circuit boards, and See Electrical to document electric circuits. I'm confident developing electronic circuits which perform analog conversions for voltage, current, transducers, implement diverse drivers to manage memories, transceivers, among others.

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